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for the legal, creative,

and psychometrics industries 


What can I do for you?

What clients say

Sevi Iosifidou,

Private Individual

The quality, timing and pricing were all excellent. Would highly recommend to everyone.

Zuzana Svak

Translation Manager

Universal Doctor Speaker app

A skilled linguist, translator, proofreader and 

also nice to work with.

Konrad Krzysztofik

Transcreation Manager

Hogarth Worldwide

Transcreated content is of exceptional quality and always delivered on time.

Bruce Markos

Digital Communications

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Vasiliki as a translator for your business.

My values


I enjoy meeting people and

I believe in being positive with a can-do attitude.

I want you not only to talk about my excellent work, but also about how positive your experience was working with me.

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