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Social Media for for freelancers: how to build your brand and attract new clients

I am very happy to announce that on 12 August 2021 I will be running Social media: learn, practice, implement; a full day workshop for the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL).

Have you been thinking about venturing into the world of social media? Looking to make better use of social media to promote your business but not sure where to start? This is the workshop for you!

The workshop is designed for those already working as freelancers who want to learn how to use social media as part of their marketing strategy, to promote their business, build a brand and attract new clients.

The workshop will cover:

  • why you need social media and which ones

  • do's and don't

  • social media and how they fit with your marketing strategy

  • create your profile, test and play

This online workshop will give you the opportunity to learn about the above, create your own profile on any of the main social media platforms, create posts, and gain confidence, so that you can apply everything you learn to your business after the workshop.

The course will run from 10am to 3pm GMT with two 10-minute refreshment breaks and one 45-minute lunch break. For the full timetable see the ‘course outline’ on the CIOL website.

The key takeaways you will gain from this workshop are:

  • Knowledge of how to practically incorporate social media into your business

  • Understanding of social media as business tools

  • Confidence in using social media

The workshop will be online via Zoom and you will receive the links and attendance details one week before the start of the workshop.

Curious about how social media can help to boost your career? Sign up to the workshop via eventbrite now!

I look forward to having you!


Vasiliki is a translator, interpreter, transcreator, blogger, consultant and director of Greek to Me Translations Ltd. She works with English and Greek and specialises in legal, creative, and psychometrics. She is a Chartered Linguist, member of CIoL, ITI and PEM and she is registered with the Greek Consulate as a certified translator and interpreter. She holds a BA in English and Masters in Business Translation and Interpreting. She is a Steering Group Member of the CIOL Translating Division and CIOL Business, Professions and Government Division. She is an Associate Lecturer in Legal Translation at London Metropolitan University, a public speaker and writer for industry magazines. Her mission is to help you achieve your goals through the power of words. You can follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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