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Interview Series: 1. Irene Corchado - ICR Translations

Hi everyone!

This year, I decided to feature 12 translators translating into different languages on my blog. We are such a big community and I want to show how different and diverse we all are. This month, I've had the honour to hold the first interview with Irene Corchado, the face behind ICR Translations. Here is what we've discussed.

1. What is it like running ICR Translations?

Taking the plunge to full-time freelancing was the best decision I’ve ever made. Working for yourself can be challenging and difficult at times, but it gives you the chance to do what you really like and on your own terms. I wouldn’t change it!

2. So what’s a typical day like at ICR Translations?

I am usually at the computer by 7.30am, checking emails, scheduling a few social media posts and organising the tasks of the day. I work until about 5pm. I also fit in an hour of blogging, four days a week. I also try my best to go to the gym twice a week, but I don’t always manage to stick to it.

3. Why translation?

I studied Translation out of vocation. I didn’t have a plan B, and I am glad I did it. I truly enjoy translating, although, with time, I’ve discovered that I also like writing, and now I combine both activities.

4. Where do you get your energy from for all these activities?

I am not sure, but I don’t even drink coffee in the morning and I work just fine, so I guess it is from a good sleep. I very rarely sleep less than seven hours.

5. Do you have any hobbies or any particular interests?

Travelling! I can get quite stressed if I don’t have any flights booked. I plan trips well in advance, so I always have something to look forward to.

6. So what places are on your travel bucket list?

I want to visit so many places, I don’t even have a list (it would be endless!). The next big travel destination for me is Russia. I am planning a 2-week trip to several places in Siberia and Moscow in June, and I cannot wait. Other dream destinations are Madagascar and Argentina.

7. Wow! As it's still January, I have to ask about New Year Resolutions; do you have any?

A few, actually:

1. Exercise more and get fit

2. Work on my 3rd language (Russian)

3. Read more books for pleasure

4. Finish off my latest project, The Linguists Hive, and manage to create a small community of like-minded people, sharing common interests.

Good luck Irene with all the goals and targets and enjoy Russia!

She'll be one busy bee this year!


Irene Corchado is a Spanish sworn translator, travel content writer and blogger, running ICR Translations from Oxford, UK. She blogs about travel on Piggy Traveller and she is the founder of The Linguists Hive, an online community for travel-loving, freelance linguists abroad. She has previously worked as a content editor at HostelBookers and Hostelworld.

You can follow Irene on Facebook or Twitter @ICRTranslations.

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